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7. August 2014.

Vranje – The picking of blackberries is underway in the territory of the Pcinj district.  According to the Agricultural Advisory Office, blackberry - growers aren’t satisfied with the purchase price, while blackberries are of lower quality due to a heavy rainfall. Suzana Jerkic, a fruit expert with the Agricultural Advisory Office, said that the average yield that year was 12 tons per hectare.

“Regarding the quality of the fruit, it is slightly worse than the one last year due to the heavy rainfall, which leads to slower and uneven ripening and to a slightly lower sugar content in the fruit”, said Ms. Jerkić.

Farmers, who planted blackberries on 17 acres in the Pcinj district, are dissatisfied with the purchase price of the fruit, which ranges from 50 to 60 dinars per kilo. 

Source : Jugmedia and Coordination Body