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21. September 2009.

As part of the activity “One Thousand PCs for Schools in Serbia”, Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government and President of the Coordination Body for South Serbia Milan Markovic and Director General of the Public Enterprise of PTT Traffic “Srbija” Goran Ciric donated, on September 18, 2009, to the IT Room of the elementary school “Bora Stankovic” in the village of Klenike, the Bujanovac municipality, seven PCs and two printers.
Minister Markovic said that the Coordination Body was going to be present in the region over the next two years and added that this would be a great incentive to everyone else to do more there.

He stated that in this way everyone would  give their contribution, so that better prospects and brighter future than the one the previous generations had would be provided to them. He also expressed his thanks for the donation to the PE of PTT Traffic „Srbija“.

Minister Markovic promised to the school management that problems with the school access road would be solved, and aded that local roads in the nearby villages would be  paved with asphalt as soon as possible.

President of the Coordination Body also said that so far 22 million dinars had been invested in the construction of roads in South Serbia.

Director General of the PE of PTT Traffic „Srbija“ Ciric said that one of South Serbia’s problems was lagging behind in the field of technology and added that the donation would serve to the children as a „window into the world“ and a way for them to familiarize themsmelves with other peoples and their cultures, as well as the way of acquiring new skills and knowledge.