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19. November 2015.

Bujanovac – Only one social enterprise, the “Heba” mineral water factory, has been successfully  privatized since the beginning of the privatization process in the municipality of Bujanovac,  while the remaining ones are still awaiting new owners, whereas most of their assets are being ruined , said Nedzat Beljulji,  an associate of the Republican Privatization Agency from Bujanovac. Mr. Beljulji said that due to the postponed privatization, the brands of public companies in Bujanovac, by which they were once recognized, were being forgotten, the market and keeping up with the competition were being lost, so that there was increasingly less likelihood that they would be able to be revived even after the privatization. 

“Last year, the “Prolece” social enterprise went up for auction twice and there were 11 interested buyers, but both times the auction was stopped and the auction sale was canceled.  Also, a public call for the purchase of Bujanovac Spa was issued last year, but it was withdrawn although two potential buyers had emerged, "said Mr.  Beljulji.

Mr. Beljulji also said that the companies whose privatization process couldn’t be completed included "Jugokop", "Gumoplastika," "Svetlost," "Feldspat" and two "Simpo" factories. 

“The factory of mineral water and juices "Bivoda" was in the process of privatization, which was later on stopped, as well as the Tobacco Industry of Bujanovac, for which the terms of sales were changed at the last moment, so that its privatization was suspended, "he said.

Mr. Beljulji noted that there were mixed feelings about the only successful privatization in the municipality of Bujanovac, that of the "Heba" company, which had been bought by "Nektar" from Backa Palanka, because although the factory of mineral water and juices operated well, the number of its employees was significantly decreased.  The new owner modernized the production, thereby causing a labor surplus. Some of the surplus workers were included in the paid social program, some retired and some received severance pays.

Source: “Beta” news agency, “Blic” daily and Coordination Body