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24. May 2013.

Among the unemployed in Vranje, there are as many as 542 persons with university degrees, who are mostly economists, teachers, lawyers and pre-school teachers.

Vranje – There are currently 33 medical doctors looking for work, while, according to the records of the National Employment Office, there are also four persons with Master’s degrees seeking jobs.    

“According to the records on the unemployed, there are 181 economists, 123 teachers, 97 lawyers and 78 pre-school teachers. Nine architects, just as many chemistry and construction engineers and nine dentists are looking for work. Pharmacists are the fewest among persons with university degrees that are looking for work, and there are only three of them", said Dragana Nakic, a spokesperson for the National Employment Office. 

There are currently 32, 814 persons that are out of work in the Pcinj district, and 11, 237 of them in Vranje. Out of that number, 9, 627 unemployed persons are actively seeking work.

According to the National Employment Office, the most numerous among the unemployed are those without any qualifications.  

Source: ОК Radio