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November 18, 2009

18. November 2009.

In addition to being able to rent room in the business incubator, businessmen from Medvedja will soon be able to receive expert assistance with training, marketing and accounting.  The business incubator takes up 10,000 square meters, while the funds for its construction, amounting to 20 million dinars, were provided by the national Investment Plan (NIP). Priority in starting business will  be given to unemployed persons and  young enterpreneurs.

Businessmen will be offered seven fully equipped business premises, while the area of each of them is 98 square meters.  There is also a possibility of adjusting the  said business premises to concrete needs. Producing and service companies and stores will also appear in the business incubator by the end of the year.

Dejan Simic, Head of the Medvedja - based Local Economic Development Office, says that entrepreneurs and unemployed residents of the municipality of Medvedja will get the premises needed for starting business operations, as well as assistance with training,  information and preparation of business plans.