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23. October 2020.

Bujanovac - Nothing ever came of the asphalt in the center of Bujanovac, so that the suffering of drivers and pedestrians goes on.   

It is not known how  longer will the citizens' patience be tested, because the Head of the Mayor's Office, Sali Salihi, who, a week ago, announced the asphalting based on the information received from the subcontractors, has now not responded to Bujanovac News’ call.

He then explained that the schedule of the works did not depend on the local self-government, but on the Ministry of Construction as a financier, and the contractors - the PE "Roads of Serbia" and the "Saba Belca" company, as the subcontractors.

It has been almost three weeks since the preparatory works were completed and more than two months since the official start of works on the section from the Post Office to the city park, so that the citizens are becoming impatient.  

“Shame on them for not having paved the streets of Bujanovac for weeks, due to which our cars have been damaged, so think a little about that", comments one of the citizens of Bujanovac.

The issue of who is responsible for the works is of secondary importance for the people of Bujanovac, and there is no longer any justification for the delay.

“I do not care at all about who makes the decisions, that is the least important thing, what is to be decided about the asphalt. The essence is that we are hostages of their tricks, and that we have been breaking our cars, swallowing dust and wading through mud since this summer. That we need an eternity for a hundred or so meters, because of the crowds, traffic jams and improper parking. It's a great shame ", says the interlocutor of the Bujanovac News portal.

The asphalting of the main street in Bujanovac, which is two kilometers long, started on October 1 last year. 

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body