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28. January 2015.

Vranje - After the great floods recently affected Vranje and the entire South Serbia, the situation is currently under control and the damage is being determined.

For the time being, there is no risk of infectious diseases.  The Director of the Institute of Public Health in Vranje, Erzika Antic, said that the institution was controlling samples of drinking water on a daily basis.  

“There is no danger of a hydrologic epidemic or infection.  We conduct the analysis of samples of drinking water on a daily basis and it is, for now, within the normal range from both chemical and microbiological viewpoint. We will surely monitor the situation in the coming period, too, since the consequences of floods are only now being remedied,” says Ms. Antic.

Emergency situation is still effective in all five municipalities of Pcinj district because of the danger of landslides, which over the last few days began emerging on several locations.  The commission for assessing the damage hasn’t yet visited the flooded area. By carrying out this job, we will know how much damage the floods made in South Serbia over the past four days.

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body