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28. April 2017.

Bujanovac, Presevo - Japan donated 11 jeeps and 3 vans to the Serbian police, while the vehicles, according to the Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, will be forwarded to the police officers who are deployed at the borders with Macedonia and Bulgaria, where the biggest migration challenges are. 

The total value of the fleet which Japan donated to the Interior Ministry is 450,000 euros, while Minister Stefanovic said that the freight vehicles and vans represented a significant back-up to the Serbian police.

“We are grateful to Japan for this type of support, which is important not only for raising the level of safety of the citizens of Serbia, but also for increasing the safety, security and efficiency in performing everyday tasks of police officers, "Minister Stefanovic said.  

Juichi Takahara, the Japanese Ambassador to Serbia, praised the way in which Serbia had been successful and coped with the large influx of migrants.

“We highly appreciate the responsible and humane way in which the Serbian government deals with the problem of migrants. At the same time, we are aware of the fact that the Government of Serbia bears a great burden. Therefore, the Government of Japan supports projects, so that the burden could be reduced, "Ambassador Takahara said.

He added that the police officers at the borders with Macedonia and Bulgaria would be able to move more quickly by jeeps, and to transport migrants in need of protection and care by vans.

Macedonia and Bulgaria are the countries from which most migrants entered Serbia, and the towns located in the border zone, such as Presevo ​​and Bujanovac, Bosilegrad, Dimitrovgrad and Pirot, have the largest number of migrants in reception centers.

Source: South News and Coordination Body