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28. August 2019.

The National Museum of Vranje issued a call for solo and group exhibitions in its Gallery for the exhibition season 2020.

The applications can be submitted by painters and visual artists with the relevant educational background, as well as by art historians with an author's project in the field of contemporary art, which they have not exhibited in Vranje over the past five years

The application should include:

1.  Information about the author,  

2. Photographs of exhibits and information about them,  

3. A concise concept of the exhibition,

4. Technical description of the exhibition,  

5. Professional biography,  

6. Proposal of additional programs.

Exhibition conditions provided by the National Museum of Vranje:

1. Preparation of catalogs,  

2. Preparations of posters and invitations,

3. Technical and professional assistance in setting up the exhibition,  

4. Publicity and media coverage of the exhibition.

Applications for the competition, along with the required documentation, should be e-mailed to  by September 30, 2019 at the latest.

If artists are not able to submit the documentation electronically, they can send their applications by post to: The Gallery of the National Museum of Vranje, Pionirska 1 or 29 Novembra BB, 17 500 Vranje.

The application can also be submitted in person on the premises of the Gallery of the National Museum of Vranje (29 Novembra BB, Vranje).

The competition material shall not be returned.

The results of the competition will be published on October 31, 2019 on the website of the National Museum of Vranje, as well as on Facebook pages of the Museum and Gallery.

Contacts for further information on the requirements for exhibiting are: 017 414 120 and 062 423 789,

The application form is available at

 Source: and Coordination Body