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22. March 2018.

Bujanovac – A three-member team of competitors, along with the accordion teacher Milos Stoimenov, who are all from the elementary music school in Bujanovac, won the awards at the International Competition for Accordionists "Viva Aaccordion", which was held in Aleksinac from March 16 to 18. 

Isidora Taskovic from the village of Levosoj, who is a student of the 4th. grade of the music school in Bujanovac, became the owner of the winning cup in the 2A category.  

Her sister Marija, who is a student of the 2nd grade at the same school, won the second place in the 1A category. The second prize was also awarded to  Lazar Trajkovic, who is  Marija’s peer from the neighboring village of Oslare.  

The talented accordion trio and accordion teacher Stoimenov are delighted with the success achieved by the team of competitors and the elementary music school in Bujanovac, which is attended by 102 students this school year.

According to Mr. Stoimenov, around fifty students of elementary and secondary music schools, mostly those from the republics of the former Yugoslavia, participated in the past International Competition of Accordionists "Viva Accordion."

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body