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28. May 2010.

A summer league basketball match between BSK Junior-Elita (from Bujanovac) and KK Jug (from Vranje) was held on Friday. At the end of February 2010, BSK Junior-Elita signed a multiethnic agreement on cooperation of the two clubs, while Minister Milan Markovic and the mayor of Bujanovac Saip Kamberi were guarantors of the agreement. Albanian, Serbian and Roma basketball players are going to play together for BSK Junior-Elita for the first time this year.
The President of “Elita” gave to Minister Markovic an honorary basketball outfit with number one printed on it, in which Minister Markovic threw the ball and marked the beginning of an extremely important match for multiethnic cooperation in Bujanovac.
On the same day, Milan Markovic, the President of the Coordination Body, had his first guest appearance at the local radio station “Ema”. During a one-hour radio program, Minister Markovic talked about the building of a multiethnic local self-government, as well as about the need for cooperation. He also answered the listeners’ questions about the Coordination Body’s plans and pointed out that the Coordination Body supports work with the young the most, as well as joint projects of all the communities. Judging by the number of questions posed to Minister Markovic, the program had a great many listeners.  Radio “Ema” received twice the funds for its information program in Romany at the Coordination Body’s open competitions.

Bearing in mind that the Coordination Body supports multiethnic projects in which the young participate the most, Minister Markovic met in Bujanovac with participants of the “You and I are We” project, as well as with Rahim Saljuhu, the local project coordinator. The project participants performed the “You and I are We” play at the students’ assembly in Loznica, so that Minister Markovic talked with them about their impressions from the guest appearance in Loznica.  The topics discussed with teenagers from Bujanovac included their future visit to the “Exit” music festival and their plans for new projects. 

Finally, Minister Markovic had his very first guest appearance at Bujanovac TV station, where he spoke about the impressions of his visit to the village of Levosoje and to Bujanovac, as well as about the projects implemented by the Coordination Body, the establishment of a multiethnic local self-government and about the Media Law.