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13. February 2013.

Bujanovac - President of the Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, Zoran Stankovic, said today in Bujanovac that the government must have specific recovery plans for all non-operational companies in that municipality, so that production could be launched and jobs provided to the people.

Upon visiting the “Gumoplastika” company for processing plastics, Mr. Stankovic said that the problem would be solved by the government’s possible decision on calling off the bankruptcy at that company.

"We have to do something to prevent this large space from "languishing" and being empty, so that the potential of "Gumoplastika" could be used for increasing employment in the region,” Mr. Stankovic said, adding that following his talks with the people who run the company and the local self-government, he would present some solutions to the government.  
Mr. Stankovic once again indicated that there were few concrete proposals for the rehabilitation of such firms, so that the situation in which people didn’t work, the space and machinery were declining and no operating results were achieved, could be addressed.

He said that he expected that following those talks, concrete activities would be initiated and new people would be brought in, who would enable those firms to be solvent and provide jobs to the people in Bujanovac. 

Source: Tanjug News Agency