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26. April 2017.

Belgrade - Zoran Stankovic, the President of the Coordination Body of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for  the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, said that the ignitable messages of the Albanian leaders were their threats to turn the calm situation into a crisis and cause tensions. 

Mr. Stankovic said that during all the discussions with representatives of the international organizations, the EU and the OSCE, he was assured that they were opposed to the redrawing of borders and the uniting of territories.

In an interview granted to the "Evening News" daily, he stated the following:

Can the government respond at least Mr. Musliju’s message about “Greater Albania” occupying the area all the way to Nis?  

“He is an official of the Republic of Serbia, and a double one at that. He receives a salary as the President of the Bujanovac Municipal Assembly and as the Presidents of the Albanian National Council. Therefore, we firstly have to establish whether he is a conflict of interest. Also, the competent ministries should talk to him and look into the possibilities for sanctioning him. "

 How are these inflammatory statements "received" in South Serbia?

The Albanian President Nisani told his compatriots in Bujanovac that they were the citizens of Serbia and were subject to its laws. Mr. Musliu provoked us and was given too much room in the media.

But the statement is dangerous ...

“He should be treated as a local top-ranking official and the laws concerning this situation should be enforced. When it comes to Mr.Rama, top-ranking officials should contact the international community and, if necessary, the Security Council.

What are the possibilities for Mr. Musliu to be at least politically accountable for what he did?

“Those who elected him should declare whether they support what he is doing. The Coordination Body will continue providing assistance to those in need in the three municipalities, who should not suffer because of his statements.

 Source: Evening News and Coordination Body