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3. March 2016.

Vranje -  Slavisa Bulatovic, the Governor of Pcinj District, said that Albanians should be integrated into republican inspections, because only one member of that national minority worked in them.

As reported by the portal in the Albanian language, Mr. Bulatovic said that Pcinj district faced a shortage of inspectors, and that there was currently a vacancy for the job of an education inspector, which was previously done by an Albanian.

“It isn’t only the case with the educational inspection, because we have the same problems with the healthcare inspection. I want that educational inspector to start working as soon as possible, so that he/she could begin solving the numerous problems that await him/her. It doesn’t matter whether he/she is an Albanian or a Serb, the problem is that all the inspections lack a specific number of inspectors, "said Mr. Bulatović.

He stressed that he absolutely supported the idea that Albanians should be integrated into the inspection and republican state bodies, and added that inspectors were appointed by the relevant ministries.

“We have excellent communication with representatives of the Albanians from Presevo and Bujanovac. The mayors and others know that I, as a Governor, have the authority to provide them with specific assistance related to getting in touch with certain ministries. I think that this government has greatly changed the attitude towards Pcinj district, "said Mr. Bulatovic.

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body