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31. July 2014.

Bujanovac – The Deputy Mayor of Bujanovac, Stojanca Arsic, said that the local self-government was trying to revive the economy, adding that the “economic problems were much greater than the security and safety ones”.

“Regarding security and safety, we can be satisfied, because they are satisfactory. Even the level of crime is on the decline. However, when it comes to the economy, the situation  is  a little more complex”, said Mr.

Mr. Arsic also said that the local self-government was trying to revive the economy, primarily the "Gumoplasrika” factory.  

“We have a partner that is interested in the plant.  An Italian company is seriously interested in enabling 180 to 200 workers to start working again”, said Mr. Arsic.  

He stated that the “private sector in Bujanovac was doing something, while the situation in other sectors was rather poor”.  

As for cooperation in the local ruling coalition, which consists of the Democratic Party (DP) of  Mayor Nagip Arifi, the Movement for Democratic Progress (MDP) of Jonuz Musliu, the Serbian parties gathered around the Civic List, which is headed by Mr. Arsic (URS, SPS, NDP), and the Serbian Progressive Party, he said that it was ”good” and “in line with the agreed principles”.  

“If some problems do emerge, we solve them as they appear”, says Mr. Arsic.  

According to him, the current coalition takes care of a balanced investment of the municipal budget funds in both the Albanian and Serbian environments.

“Last year, we invested around 56 million dinars from the local budget in the areas where the Serbs live”, said Mr. Arsic.

Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body