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21. August 2014.

The “Jugoistok” company’s teams began disconnecting electricity to the electricity debtors who had received final notices for the payment of outstanding electricity debts 15 days before.  

In early August, the company sent around 20,000 notices prior to disconnection of electricity, whereas it is believed that half of the electricity consumers responded to them.

Around 10, 000 electricity customers from the area covered by the “Jugoistok” company ​​are now at a great risk of remaining in darkness, while power disconnection orders were printed off for the debts exceeding 10, 000 dinars. 

Re-connection to the electric grid costs 1,700 or 2,500 dinars, depending on whether the consumer’s electricity is disconnected at the power grid post or at the power meter in the household. One may be reconnected to the power grid provided he/she pays the whole electricity debt. 

As a token of gratitude for the regular payment of electricity bills, the “Jugoistok” company will on Thursday, August 21, donate to the regular payers of electricity bills 100 sets of tickets for the upcoming Film Festival in Nis.

The tickets will be distributed through a public drawing, which will be organized on the premises of the “Jugoistok” company. Regular electricity bill payers are considered to be all those who settle their electricity bills in a timely manner, who don’t have any electricity debts and who haven’t concluded any agreements on debt rescheduling.  Representatives of the “Jugoistok” company pointed out that the said sets of tickets for the Nis film festival wouldn’t be given to   their employees. 

Source: South News and Coordination Body