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29. February 2016.

Upon following modern trends in agriculture and new technologies, the Association of Agricultural Journalists Agropress presented its new website. The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. Thanks to the new ways of placing information, farmers are now able to find in one place a large amount of information in the field of production, processing and distribution of food. A special section of the site includes the pages where the latest information and news related to the use of EU pre-accession funds related to agriculture, such as IPA and IPARD programs, are published. 

All the procedures for using EU grants will be posted on the site by the end of February. Also posted on the site are bits of advice given by experts, investment ideas, as well as stocks and weather data.  

The Association of Agricultural Journalists Agropress is dedicated to informing and educating not only farmers, but also young people and women living in villages.

The site is optimized for viewing on mobile phones, while the application for quickly and easily getting the information about the EU pre-accession funds will be available soon.

Goran Djakovic, the President of the Association, said that Agropress was just staring a great promotion of Serbian agriculture and EU pre-accession aid, and that a lot of ideas and projects would be made available to all interested farmers in the future. The farmers who prefer to read  newspapers and are less interested in online information will be able to read useful texts on agriculture in the Agribusiness magazine.

Source: Agropress and Coordination Body