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17. June 2014.

As part of the "Serbia against Cancer" project, a mobile mammography unit reached Pcinj district yesterday, where it should assist with the early detection of breast cancer in women from South Serbia.

Health centers in the municipalities of Targoviste, Vladicin Han and Bosilegrad will be included in the screening process.

The medical exams of over 600 women, who were registered in the municipality of Trgoviste, will be conducted from June 16 to 22.  

According to the medical exam lists, which were provided by the department of Public Health in Vranje, about 3,000 women will be asked to come for a medical appointment by letters sent to their home addresses.

These medical exams are aimed at raising women’s awareness about the importance of having regular examinations and about the early detection of breast cancer, when the chances for cure of the vicious disease are much higher. 

Source: OK Radio, Jugmedia and Coordination Body