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30. October 2012.

Source: Večernje nosvosti / The generation that has just completed training at the Basic Police Training Centre in Sremska Kamenica consists of trainees from police departments in Vranje, Leskovac and Belgrade, which means that they come from different environments, but during the training and the final examination they showed that this wasn’t an obstacle to acquiring new knowledge and skills by working together. This class is important because after many years 12 ethnic Albanians, who were among 109 beneficiaries of the basic police course, completed the training and they will be working in South Serbia.

That is what the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said yesterday at the promotion of the seventh class of the Basic Police Training Centre in Sremska Kamenica, stressing that an enormous effort was being put into including members of national communities in all aspects of society and that the Interior Ministry’s call for applications resulted in the training of 12 Albanians, since the Ministry of Interior wishes to improve the ethnic make-up of its employees. The next step, according to him, would be a call for applications that will be issued in the Raska region, so that a significant number of Bosnian Muslims could enter the police service.

It is a sign that members of minority ethnic communities are regaining confidence in state institutions, and that Hungarians, Bosniaks, Roma and other minorities will be included in the ranks of the police”, Mr. Dacic said.