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29. December 2020.

Belgrade  - Representatives of Serbs from the municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja visited the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government yesterday and talked with Minister Marija Obradovic about the current situation in those municipalities, as well as about the implementation of projects that would improve the lives of all citizens in those municipalities, encourage the local economy,  employment, strengthen women's entrepreneurship, but also encourage the birth and stay of Serbs in that area.

Discussed during the meeting were cooperation with the Coordination Body of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, investments in the local economy and agriculture, as well as inter-municipal cooperation projects, especially bearing in mind that the elected Serb representatives in the municipalities of Presevo and Bujanovac did not participate in the work of local authorities, not of their own volition.

Minister Obradovic said that she would gladly visit all three municipalities in South Serbia and get personally acquainted with the situation in the field, and called for direct contacts and talks with the representatives of Albanians in those areas.

She supported the initiative of connecting the Jablanica and Toplica districts through the inter-municipal cooperation between Medvedja, Lebane and Bojnik, which was announced for January next year.

The meeting with Minister Obradovic was attended by Boban Pavlovic and Miodrag Milkovic, councilors of the municipality of Bujanovac, and MPs Nenad Mitrovic, Branko Trajkovic and Dragan Nedeljkovic, councilors of the municipality of Presevo, as well as by the President of the Municipality of Medvedja, Nebojša Arsic.

Source: RTV and Coordination Body