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29. December 2016.

Bujanovac, Vranje – Two years ago, a young baker Miljazim Gegulaj from Bujanovac decided to open a bakery in Vranje and thus expand the family business based in Bujanovac, which is now run by his brother. He is one of the few Albanians that run their own businesses in Vranje. People think of him as a humanist, while he reluctantly talks about how he helps sick children on a daily basis.

He is the father of three children and he does not think that what he's doing is a great thing, but that we all have the need to help others. Two years ago, when he started his business, people from the Association for Aiding Mentally Underdeveloped Persons knocked on his door and asked him whether he could donate one meal for the children.

“Since then, I have been preparing breakfast for them every morning. Sometimes it is a leafy meat-pie, and sometimes the pastries that I have at the bakery at the moment. I think that's the least I can do and that we have to help each other, "Mr. Gegulaj said.

A handmade New Year's card, which was made by the children from the association and which adorns the counter of his bakery, proves hoe humane he is, as well as his wife, who helps him at the bakery.

Source: Evening News and Coordination Body