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27. April 2015.

Bujanovac – The "Resource Center" NGO from Bujanovac, which has already gained experience in conducting training courses for members of civil society, successfully organized a workshop on strategic communication with the media last Friday.

The programs of and the services provided by "Resource Center" are tailored to respond to the real needs of civil society and to the stakeholders that are important for the development of civil society.  With its group of trainers, the "Resource Center" NGO from Bujanovac has, so far, held around 2.5 thousand training courses.

Fatimir Jahiju, a member of "Resource Center" from Bujanovac, said about the work of the aforementioned NGO: 

“We will organize future trainings by ourselves, whereas we are currently provided with expert assistance from “Tasca”. In the future, training courses will be run by our team of about 30 young trainers, who were included in our program for youth from Bujanovac. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and to make it possible for young people to get involved in the decision-making process. The novelty in the work of "Resource Center" is the introduction of a "help desk" that will provide information to civil society organizations, while we also have a variety of publications published by “Tacsa.” In addition, the legal framework changed a lot in recent years, so that there is a need for us to help local organizations realize that they can also be involved in the process.”

Source: TV Bujanovac and Coordination Body