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23. March 2018.

Bujanovac - Joint Stock Company "Megal" from Bujanovac ended the previous year with a greater than 50 per cent exports of goods, and in comparison to 2010, when the company was about to close, the volume of production significantly increased. 

Thus, 2,800 boilers and 1,170 boiler parts were produced last year, while the company had 112 full-time employees, plus 30 temporary ones, according to TV Vranje Plus.

Dragoljub Kostic, the Director of "Megal", says that last year was better by 17% compared to the financial results achieved in 2016.  

He said that "Megal" had a four-year contract with the “EkoSpar” company from Ohrid, as well as important business operations both in the country and abroad, which ensured the placement of their products on the markets in the coming years.  

Source: eKapija and Coordination Body