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21. September 2020.

Мedvedja - Based on the Conclusion of the Crisis Staff for the Suppression of the COVID 19 Infectious Disease, which refers to the recommendations on holding sports trainings and competitions indoors, a meeting was held in the office of the Mayor of Medvedja with the President of the Sports Federation, secondary school director and representatives of sports clubs registered in the territory of the Municipality of Medvedja.

The Mayor of Medvedja, Nebojsa Arsic, informed those present at the meeting about the letter of the Crisis Staff of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the recommendations and measures that must be adhered to by all sports factors, especially those related to the use of sports facilities in Medvedja or the sports hall that is run by the "Nikola Tesla" secondary technical school.

By a constructive discussion, it was concluded that the future trainings or matches would be regulated by the Rulebook of the secondary technical school, in the periods of time adopted by the Sports Association of the Municipality of Medvedja. The obligation of all registered sports clubs is to conclude Agreements with the "Nikola Tesla" secondary technical school on the compensation for the use of the hall in specific periods of time, which refer to the costs of maintaining hygienic measures and disinfection of the hall and equipment after sports activities.

Source: South Serbia Info Center and Coordination Body