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20. February 2018.

Medvedja – With the aim of implementing joint projects through cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Bulgaria, Nebojsa Arsic, the Mayor of Medvedja, and Svetlana Todorovic, the Head of the Municipal Administration, visited some cities in the Republic of Bulgaria.

At the invitation of Marinela Nikolov, a woman farmer of Kozlodoj, representatives of Medvedja were guests at the event organized in the city’s main square to mark the Day of Wine, which included traditional folk dancing and the famous Bulgarian singer Nelina. The town of Kozlodoj is well-known for the nuclear power plant of the same name as the city. 

Following a visit to Kozlodoj, representatives of the municipality of Medvedja visited the town of Vrace, which is the seat of the Vrace District.  

“The protocol on cross-border cooperation with the neighboring Republic of Bulgaria will be signed in Medvedja on March 5 and 6, when a visit of representatives of the municipality of Kozlodoj to the municipality of Medvedja is planned to take place. The ultimate goal is for our two municipalities to cooperate, so that we could participate in cross-border cooperation projects and use specific financial resources from the European funds. The cooperation is in the interest of our citizens, so that they could benefit from it in different fields, such as sports, culture, tourism and other spheres of social life. I hope that our cooperation with the neighboring country will continue to be good and very successful in the future, too, "Mayor Arsic said.

Source: South Serbia Info Center, South Serbia Journal and Coordination Body