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31. March 2017.

Medvedja - In accordance with the activities of the Mayor of Medvedja, field visits to local communities are being made these days. Mayor Arsic and members of his team are visiting the citizens in order to find out from talking to them which roads are most in need of reconstruction or partial rehabilitation.

The tour started from Crni Vrh, where the bridge over the Jablanica River is in the most critical condition, as well as the road to the village of Crkviste, the Rujkovac-Lapastica route. A lot of the rural roads in the local community of Bucumet are in a poor condition and need to be restored, as well as those which are in a very poor condition, such as a country road in the "Sumci" neighborhood.

In Sijarinska Spa, it is necessary to repair the asphalt portion of the road from Sijarinska Spa to Ravna Spa. When it comes to the village of Marovac, road gutters, which are currently clogged, must be cleaned. Several roads in Ravna Spa are in a catastrophic condition. It was also planned to carry out works on the road from Pusto Silovo to Gazdare, since it is impassable. The plan also envisages visits to the local communities of Gajtan, Lece, Drenac, Kapit, Petrilj, Gornji Tular and others in the municipality of Medvedja.

The objective of Mayor Arsic’s field visits, apart from monitoring the asphalt road network and district roads, is listening to the problems of villagers, because it is the only way to provide the conditions for people to be satisfied with life in the small community.

Negotiations with the Roads of Serbia Company over reconstructing the damaged asphalt road are ongoing, while the Republican Road Directorate promised to allocate 20 million dinars for district roads. 

Source: Info Center South and Coordination Body