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May 7, 2009

7. May 2009.

The European Union is going to earmark 14 million euros for a joint water supply system of the municipalities of Vranje, Bujanovac and Preševo, said Igor Andonov, Deputy Mayor of Vranje. Mr. Andonov said that the Government of the Republic of Serbia would participate in the project with 14 million euros. Preparation of the project documentation is underway, while the construction works on the joint water supply system should begin in 2011. It was planned for the  the works to be completed by 2014, after which the newly constructed water supply system of the three municipalities should be linked to the Prvonek system, which was completed in the municipality of Vranje four years ago.
In addition to the EU fund  and the Serbian government’s budget, the project will also be funded  by the local self – governments with a total of 12 million euros. An agreement on how much each of the three municipalities is going to set aside for the project is still to be reached, Mr. Andonov said.