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May 3, 2009

4. May 2009.

Representatives of Vranje’s „Simpo“and the Swedish „Ikea“signed a contract, the value of which is 5.5. million euros.
The above-mentioned deal was struck following a recent visit of the owner of „Ikea“to the „Simpo“company in Vranje, when Dragan Tomic, Director General of „Simpo, “and Ingvar Kampard, the owner of „Ikea, “which is the world’s largest furniture manufacturer, reached an agreement on new forms of co-operation and on concrete deals, for the purpose of achieving joint economic interests.        
It was concluded on that occasion that the deals for the Russian market must have a priority over other deals, since „Simpo“exports a lot of its furniture to Russia. After Ikea’s experts had laid down the terms and conditions for performing business operations on the Russian market, the contract was signed. Models of  Simpo’s products for the remaining part of the European market were selected, since „Ikea“ has over 30 department stores in Germany alone, so that Simpo’s furniture, the value of  which is over one million  euros,  will soon  be exhibited in those exclusive sales facilities.  People from Vranje’s Simpo expect that they’ll deliver to Ikea upholstered furniture, the value of which is around 10 million euros, this year.   
The “Simpo” Company will continue its co-operation with „Ikea” in the sphere of production and sales of children’s furniture. „Ikea“ will continue purchasing from Simpo’s plant at Radovnica 2,000 children’s beds per month, and it shall do so until the plant’s modernization process is completed this July, which was made possible thanks to the loan extended by the Republican Development Fund. The sales of cloths manufactured by „Simpo Dekor“, as well as of carpets manufactured by Simpo’s plant at the village of Stajevac, near Trgoviste, will be done through „Ikea.“      
„Ikea“will also be Simpo’s partner in completion of the privatization process.