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13. August 2012.

Due to high daily temperatures and a lack of rainfall in the past month, the fruit grown in the Jablanica district is significantly reduced, while its purchase price is very low.

The drought exhausted the plants so much that they can’t provide the adequate amount of fruit, even though they are regularly watered. The worst situation is with peaches, and although the appropriate protective measures were used, the fruits remained very small. The situation with pears is similar. Since the export of pears to Russia is announced, it is expected that its purchase price will be around 60 dinars, but the question is who will buy it up at that price. Although plums began to ripen, their purchase price is very low.

If "Stanley" plums are exported, one can expect its price to reach 30 dinars per kilogram, agricultural experts believe. This year's plum yield in the Jablanica district, due to winter frosts and a lack of moisture in the stage when plums need water, is reduced by about 50 percent compared to last year's yield.