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27. October 2015.

Medvedja – Following the September local elections in Medvedja, the local Assembly was, yesterday, constituted there, in which, of the 35 counselors, the coalition gathered around the Serbian Progressive Party had 22. Also, Milisav Miletic (Socialist Party of Serbia) was elected  the President of the Assembly.  

“The Serbian Progressive Party, which won 16 seats, participated in the elections in coalition with the Socialist Party of Serbia, which won four seats, and the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia, which has two seats, " said Nebojsa Arsic, the President of the Interim Body, who was first on the list.

“The next meeting is scheduled for November 6, when the executive government will be elected, "said Mr. Arsic.  

The local Assembly also includes councilors from two Albanian parties with five and three seats each, as well as the Group of Citizens "For Upper Jablanica" with five councilor seats. The Democratic Party, the Leader of which is Nagip Arifi, the current mayor of Bujanovac, won five seats, while the joint list of the Party for Democratic Action of Riza Halimi and the Democratic Union of Albanians of Rahmi Zulfijua won three seats.

Mr. Arsic, who was on the election night named as the new mayor, didn’t wish to talk about the personnel-related issues and about which parties would participate in the future government.  The local media in South Serbia stated that despite the fact that the coalition around the Serbian Progressive Party alone could have an overwhelming majority, one of the Albanian political parties could be part of the government.  

Source: “Tanjug” news agency and Coordination Body