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1. December 2020.

The National Employment Office (NEO) informed all employers that a list of approved employers from the private sector for the implementation of the "My First Salary" program haD been formed and that it was posted on the "My First Salary" portal on November 26, 2020.

A total of 7,352 candidates linked up with private sector employers.

You can view the list of approved employers from the private sector on the following link: .

The signing of the tripartite contract by and between the National Employment Office, the employer and the candidate is scheduled for the period from November 28 to December 14, 2020.  

“We recommend to the employers to contact the candidate and specify the start date of the program, which must be in the period from November 30 to December 14, 2020. For the needs of the implementation of the program, all candidates are provided with a dedicated current account with the Post Office Savings Bank, without the costs of maintaining the account, into which only the payment of monetary compensation will be made. As for employers from the public sector, information on the manner and time of linking up with the candidates will be published later on," the NEO said.

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body