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20. May 2010.

Presevo – On the occasion of the International Day of  Parentless Children, the „International Human Center“ civil society organization from Presevo held a session on the premises of the Presevo „Abdulah Krasnica“ community center. The said organization used this opportunity to mark the fifth anniversary of its existence and operation.

While addressing participants in the said session, Ridvan Ribeiro, the Head of “The International Human Center” organization, said that the organization had, so far, provided assistance to around 48 families that take care of parentless children.

The Head of the aforementioned organization thanked the Coordination Body of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja for the financial assistance that the Coordination Body provides to parentless secondary school students that are recipients of the Coordination Body’s scholarships. Mr. Ribeiro said that the Coordination Body had recently announced an open competition for funding the projects by which social welfare and minority rights and particular qualities are achieved and improved, the value of which is two million RSD. During the competition, the Coordination Body gave priority to single mothers and other vulnerable categories of the population.

The session was attended by around 30 persons, among who were Skender Destani, the President of the Municipal Assembly of Presevo, Avdi Bajrami, the Commander of the Presevo Police Station, representatives of civil society and residents of the municipality of Presevo.