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LEDIB Program – Funding of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Farmers, Cooperatives and Entrepreneurs in Jablanica, Pcinj, Nis, Toplica and Pirot Districts

29. June 2016.

In late 2006, the Government of the Republic of Serbia signed with the Government of the Kingdom of Denmark the Memorandum of Understanding, under which the Republic of Serbia, through the implementation of the Program of Local Economic Development in the Balkans (LEDIB Program), was provided non-refundable financial assistance.

For the purpose of implementing the component of the program  “Better Access to Favorable Loans”, which amount to 15 million Danish kroner (about two million euros), a financial agreement was concluded by and between the Governments of the Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Serbia and the National Bank of Serbia on October 24, 2008.

The LEDIB Program’s funds will be available until the end of 2018.

The purpose of the loans: The funds are intended to finance the investment projects and working capital of small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs, farmers and cooperatives based in five South Serbia’s districts - Jablanica, Pcinj, Nis, Toplica and Pirot.

The amount of an individual loan: Up to 50,000 euros in dinar equivalent

Interest rate:  For dinar loans without currency clause: NBS reference rate of up to + 4.0%; for dinar loans with currency clause: up to 7.5%


Maturity of the loans: Depending on the needs of beneficiaries, but not later than the end of 2018

Grace period: Up to a year

The LEDIB Program’s funds are placed to end-users through the following intermediary banks:


Description: further information on the credit line, please contact the above-mentioned intermediary banks, as well as the Division for International Cooperation of the National Bank of Serbia – the Department for Revolving Loans of the Republic of Serbia (Phone: 011 / 333-8324, 333-8326, 333-8342) .

Source: National Bank of Serbia and Coordination Body