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23. January 2014.

Belgrade-Presevo – After months of operational activities, Belgrade police, in cooperation with members of Lazarevac police, arrested D.J. (1984) from Lazarevac and C. T. (1973) from Presevo due to the suspicion that they had committed the crime of illegal production of  and trafficking in drugs.

The suspect D.J. took in Nis from the suspect C.T. samples of heroin for the purpose of determining its quality.  Upon confirming the purity of heroin, D.J. ordered the heroin, as well as a mixture of paracetamol and caffeine, in the amount of 35. 000 euros, in order to re-sell it through its network of dealers in the city of Belgrade and the municipality of Lazarevac.

According to the reached agreement, the handing over of the narcotic drugs was carried out at the „Nais“ toll-booth“ in Nis, after which D.J. headed in his car for Belgrade.  Members of the Police Department of the City of Belgrade arrested D.J. at the Belgrade- Nis higway toll - booth,  and found two kilograms of heroin and a kilogram of paracetamol and caffeine under the seat of his car.  

C.T. was arrested in Vranje.   

The suspects will be held in police custody for up to 48 hours. Criminal charges will be pressed against them  and they will, thereafter, be brought to the High Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade. 

Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body