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June 21, 2010

21. June 2010.

Opportunity for Four Municipalities in South Serbia: Certificates of Business Environment Issued

As part of the National Alliance for Local Economic Development’s (NALED) program, the cities of Subotica, Vranje and Leskovac, as well as the municipality of Bujanovac, were awarded the certificates of favorable business environment.

At the awarding of certificates, which took place at the National Assembly’s hall, Mladjen Dinkic, Minister of Economy, said that local development depended on the cities and municipalities. He added that the role of the Serbian government was to provide the infrastructure and to build highways that would connect them. Minister Dinkic stated that the five cities and municipalities, which had received the certificates, were all situated on Corridor 10 and pointed out that the municipalities with little red tape and fast issuing of permits would attract more investors. Minister Dinkic underlined that the example of awarding the certificates showed that the poorest municipalities could improve their business environment.

Milan Markovic, Minister of Public Administration and Local Self – Government, said that the certificates awarded to the local self – governments proved that those local self – governments had reached the efficiency and simplicity standards that were necessary for attracting investors.
Alberto Cammarata, Head of the European Integration Section within the EU Delegation to Serbia, said that Euro-integrations didn’t occur at the governmental level, but at the local level of the EU member states and states that wished to join the EU.   

Mary Warlick, the US Ambassador to Serbia, pointed out that it was necessary for local self – governments to provide information to investors within a short period of time. She added that the receipt of the certificates by the municipalities showed that those municipalities were ready for investments.