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23. October 2012.

Source: The Evening News – Serbia edition / Presevo – As part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s project by which assistance is provided to underdeveloped areas of the country, the cattle-breeders in Presevo received 55 Simmental heifers.

Miodrag Milkovic, Director of the veterinary station in Bujanovac, which "covers" this local self-government, too, said that cattle-breeders were very pleased, because they knew that in this way they had received 2,000 euros from the government as a gift, and that they had the opportunity to get from one calf up to 7,000 liters of milk per year. The heifers will, initially, be placed in the quarantine of the veterinary station in Bujanovac, and will, a month later, be delivered to cattle-breeders.