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23. September 2020.

Presevo - Representatives of the Transport Community, the Regional Cooperation Council and the CEFTA Secretariat visited the Presevo-Tabanovce border crossing to see how, after a year, joint control at that border crossing worked.

As of August 26, 2019, the principle of "One Stop Shop" is used there, which means that when entering and leaving two countries, the passenger stops only in one place for control, which speeds up the traffic considerably.

The aim of the visit of representatives of the above-mentioned regional organizations is to promote integrated border management in the entire region, because the border crossings where joint control is performed significantly contribute to the improvement of cross-border traffic.

As it was said, the implementation of the "One Stop Shop" project for integrated border management was a mutual priority because it ensured that neither passengers nor businessmen wasted their time waiting at the border crossing.

In order for the concept to work, it took a lot of effort and adjustment on both sides, so that another lane with a car scale was opened at the border crossing, which is extremely important for freight traffic.

The border crossing was visited by the Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council Majlinda Bregu, the Director of the Secretariat of the Transport Community Matej Zakonjsek, the Director of the CEFTA Secretariat Emir Djikic, as well as by the host of the visit, the Director of the Customs Administration of Northern Macedonia Gjoko Tanasoski.

The event was, on behalf of the Customs Administration of Serbia, attended by the Manager of the Nis Customs Office, Sasa Milenkovic, and the Head of the Presevo Customs Office, Senad Radoncic.

It was said that the use of the "One Stop Shop" concept was expected to have a positive impact on the economies of both countries and enable them to become more competitive, and that more and more trucks would start using our roads instead of transporting goods through EU countries.

Source: RTV, “Dnevnik” daily, “Beta” news agency, Vranje News, South Serbia News, Jugmedia, Jugpress and Coordination Body