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10. February 2012.

Bujanovac – It is freezing today, while it is even more freezing inside the Municipal Assembly building, the civic center, the court of law, the post-office, the so-called “skyscraper’, which is the highest apartment house in Bujanovac, where both the employees and tenants shivered because the central heating radiators were cold. 

Fortunately, the students and employees of the”Sveti Sava” (St. Sava) vocational school are on enforced vacation. It would have been really hard for them to attend the classes while being clad in heavy winter clothes. Such a situation was caused by a lack of heavy oil.  It seems that the local public utility company “Komunalac” wasn’t aware that the reserves of heavy oil had been consumed, since it allowed this to happen. 

“We don’t have a single drop of heavy oil. However, we paid for a specific amount of it, so that a tank truck is bringing it here from Pancevo. The tank truck is about to arrive any moment now and we believe that heavy oil didn’t get frozen on its way here”, said Sefik Amidi, Head of the Heating Department at “Komunalac”.  

The employees and tenants spent the day wearing heavy winter clothes, doing very little work, spending a lot of time by being close to the alternative sources of heating, believing that the tank truck from Pancevo would reach them without any problems whatsoever, or if it failed to reach them, that the day would be warm.