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28. April 2016.

Bujanovac - On Saturday, April 30, the "Nisville Jazz Festival," will, for the fifth time in a row, organize the celebration of the International Jazz Day in four southern Serbian cities, which include Bujanovac, Vranje, Nis and Leskovac. Admission is free for all the programs.

The International Jazz Day will be marked in Bujanovac on the stage placed in front of the "Vuk Karadzic" community center, which is also a co-organizer of the program, while the event is scheduled to commence at 7 pm. 

The performers include the "Strangers from the South" band from Bujanovac and the "Benny Brickman Band” from Nis.

The International Jazz Day is organized in South Serbia by the "Nisville Jazz Festival", which implemented the project "Jazz – A Multicultural Expression".

“We’ve made a great orchestra of the kids from several cities, while Bujanovac is very interesting to us, since we managed to bring together the children of Serbian and Albanian nationalities there. Every year, they all turn up at “Nisville” and play in a variety of performances,” said Ivan Blagojevic, Director of “Nisville”.     

 Source: B92, OK Radio, Serbian Telegraph and Coordination Body