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26. February 2013.

А delegation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, headed by the Secretary of State for Sports, Predrag Perunicic, visited the municipalities of Presevo and Bujanovac, which will be included in the "Sports in Schools" project, the goal of which is to bring schoolchildren back to school gyms.   

“School sports are extremely important. We want to bring schoolchildren back to school gyms and that is why representatives of the Ministry are visiting schools throughout Serbia. They wish to determine what needed the most. This is the year when a new strategy for development of sports is being developed, so that the Ministry is trying to perceive what the local communities see as their biggest problems, for the purpose of conducting sports activities in the best possible manner,” said Mr. Perunicic to the reporters after meeting with the mayor of Presevo, Ragmi Mustafa. 

Mr. Mustafa said that he was pleased that the municipality of Presevo, which has the youngest population in Serbia, was chosen for this project.

"We will implement the projects that are going to be for the benefit of both schoolchildren and  the teaching staff in Presevo, as well as for the promotion of sports in Presevo”, Mr. Mustafa said.  

During the day, the Ministry’s delegation visited the Coordination Body’s Office in Presevo and  three schools in the area. This will be followed by a visit to Bujanovac, a meeting with the mayor of Buujanovac, Nagip Arifi, visits to three local schools and the “Mladost” sports center, while departure for Medvedja is scheduled for tomorrow, as well as a meeting with the mayor of Medvedja, Slobodan Draskovic, and a tour of the school in that place.  

The "Sports in Schools" activity includes elementary school students in lower grades, within which the sporting equipment and qualified teachers from local communities will be ensured.  25 places across Serbia will be included in the first phase of the project

Source: Tanjug News Agency