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21. January 2021.

Bujanovac - Mass immunization of residents of Bujanovac against the corona virus started on the premises of the Faculty of Economics on Wednesday morning. 

The vaccine should be received by 56 people who had signed up for it on the e-Government website. The residents of Bujanovac will receive the Chinese vaccine,

The initial list of those that had signed up for the vaccine included people of all ages, from the oldest one, born in 1931, to the youngest one, born in 2001.

According to Dr. Daliborka Pavlovic, the Director of the Bujanovac Health Center, higher authorities had made the decision on conducting the vaccination exclusively on the basis of people’s electronic applications, so that the call of the Health Center to the citizens that are older than 75 and chronic patients was no longer relevant.  

"For the purpose of getting organized in a timely manner, the Health Center recently called on the citizens to contact their chosen doctors for vaccination, but the final decision of the authorities was that everything should go through electronic applications. We received the first list of 56 people that wish to be vaccinated. We contacted everyone individually and informed them about the dates and place of vaccination, including automatic notifications that they received on the basis of their applications, "Dr. Pavlovic said.

Two teams were set up. Each of them included one doctor and two medical technicians, so that before the vaccination, the doctor carried out an examination, determined the indication or contraindication, then the technician entered the data into the electronic system, and then the vaccination followed.

Dr. Pavlovic said that one got the impression that the Chinese vaccine, which the people of Bujanovac would receive, was the easiest for taking.

“It is taken in two doses, with an interval of 14 to 28 days. We received a specific number of doses, not only 56, and we expect to receive new deliveries of the vaccine, "she said.

Mustafa Dzemaili from Bujanovac, who was born in 1939, was among the first to receive the vaccine, whereas around 30 residents of Bujanovac were vaccinated by 11 a.m.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body