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28. November 2019.

The best projects are recognized for their impact and their efficiency, while the best way to measure them is through a good project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system.

The hardest thing about project funding for civil society organizations is measuring results. For the results to be adequate, several preparatory steps need to be done before the project is completed.

Thanks to the development of M&E technology, the system has become digital and more modern, with greater impact and efficiency. The Civicus team, a global network of civil society organizations, has developed an online Monitoring and Evaluation Platform that can help all project managers plan and evaluate their project results.  

The platform is composed of six steps that follow the M&E process:

1. Planning as the most important step in designing and checking the alignment of the project objectives and strategic goals of the organization.

2. Once the planning is done, the project goals are changed and adjusted. This step - design - ensures that the goal is measurable and has impact in the community.    

3. Measuring allows us to make sure that our goals are well set and that what we do has a real effect. This step will show the most common mistakes and omissions that need to be highlighted as lessons learned, so that they are not repeated.

4. Implementation - When measurement indicators are ready, the results should be consistent with the objectives set.  Depending on the chosen measurement method, we obtain the planned results.

5. Reporting and reflecting on the results should be a process of learning and understanding whether the process was good or not, and should set new standards for further implementation.

6. Communication of results is a very significant step in the whole process. Publishing results through engaging infographics and visuals will give you greater legitimacy and tie with the community. 

The online platform provides tools for each of the previous steps that you can use. All tools are arranged according to their complexity and the step that you need.

Further information on the Online Platform for Project Monitoring and Evaluation is available on

Source: Civicus and Coordination Body