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21. December 2015.

Presevo - On the occasion of the International Migrants Day, educators of the SOS Children's Villages Serbia organization visited the Reception Centre for Refugees in Presevo and dressed up as children's favorite cartoon heroes cheered up with toys the children who were staying at the Reception Center.  

Spending time with the children at the Reception Centre in Presevo is just one of the activities that SOS Children's Villages Serbia carry out as part of the program of emergency relief for refugees from the Middle East and Africa, by providing the necessary material assistance and psychosocial support to the most disadvantaged children and families during their journey through Serbia.

It is said in the statement that SOS Children's Villages Serbia helps state institutions strengthen their capacity to cope with the refugee crisis by supporting the local institutions for social protection and by ensuring better and safer living conditions for the refugees passing through Serbia.

Source: “FoNet” news agency and Coordination Body