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18. July 2019.

The Office of the Minister without Portfolio in charge of regional development and operation of public companies issued a call for providing grants to farmers and agricultural cooperatives in Serbia.

It is a Program for supporting the implementation of measures of a balanced regional development through the participation of the state in economic and financial incentives for farmers and cooperatives throughout the country in 2019.

Stated in the text of the call is that the competition particularly refers to farmers and cooperative farmers in Jablanica, Pcinj, Nis, Toplica and Pirot administrative districts, as well as to those in the Autonomous Province (AP) of Kosovo and Metohija.

The specific objectives to be achieved through this funding program include the establishment of cooperatives in areas where they do not exist, the improvement of the production of raw materials to increase the production of milk, meat and fruits, as well as for the technical and technological equipping of cooperatives etc.

The maximum envisaged amount of grants for newly established co-operatives is 7.5 million dinars, and 15 million dinars for the old ones, while complex co-operatives can get up to 60 million dinars.

The deadline for the submission of applications is August 15 this year for newly established and old cooperatives, and September 1 for the complex ones.

Further information on the call and the application form are available at

Source: Office of the Minister without portfolio in charge of regional development and operation of public companies and Coordination Body