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15. September 2011.

Bujanovac – Tobacco experts are of the view that tobacco is going to be good in the Bujanovac region this season. It is estimated that around 300 tons of tobacco are going to be picked. Most tobacco is grown in the area of Veliki Trnovac, as well as in a few more villages that are well-known for this industrial plant.  

This year, the oriental  type  of tobacco called “prilep” was grown most in the Bujanovac region, while the growing of the oriental type of tobacco called “jaka”, which used to be grown the most, was considerably reduced. The repurchase of tobacco will begin next month and it will last until this November. The price of tobacco is set during the negotiations, while tobacco-growers are paid following the delivery of tobacco harvest.  Like it did in the previous years, the local self-government in Bujanovac is expected to provide municipal bonuses to Bujanovac’s tobacco producers, who should receive them by the end of the year.   

On the other hand, tobacco is vanishing from the fields of the wider Vranje region. In the period of merely eight years, when privatization of the domestic tobacco industry began, the number of tobacco-growers in the Vranje region decreased from 1,200 to only seventy, while nowadays not a single regional tobacco company produces tobacco as a primary product.  The result of such a situation is that today two thirds of tobacco that is processed in Serbia is imported.