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30. March 2021.

Belgrade – The Greek Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis said, yesterday, in Belgrade that all COVID-19 vaccines would be accepted for travel from Serbia to that country, and that PCR and antigen tests would be accepted.

„Most Serbs have been vaccinated with the vaccines that are not recognized in the EU.  Nevertheless, there is no increased risk of any vaccine.  All vaccines are accepted in Greece," said the Greek Minister.

The Minister of Tourism of Greece, who is visiting Belgrade, and the Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic, stated that when it was said that all vaccines would be accepted, it meant that both Chinese and Russian vaccines would be included, in addition to those already accepted in the European Union. The tourist season starts on May 14, or that is when the borders open, Minister Theoharis said.

Minister Matic and Minister Theoharis signed in Belgrade a joint statement on co-operation between the two Ministries during and after the pandemic.  

According to the Minister of Tourism of Serbia, the goal is to enable the citizens of Serbia to enter Greece and for the two countries to mutually recognize digital certificates, and she emphasized that she hoped that that would happen soon, or that tourists from Serbia would soon be able to enter Greece.

Minister Theoharis also said that children under the age of 10 would not need to have tests done at the border, while children over the age of 10, who had not been vaccinated, would need to have a negative test.

He added that the tourist season in Greece started on May 14, but that there was a possibility that Serbian tourists would be allowed to enter the country in mid-April.

One border crossing with Bulgaria will be opened for passengers from Serbia, as well as two with Northern Macedonia, Minister Theoharis added.

Source: “Beta” news agency, “Danas” daily, Jugmedia and Coordination Body