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19. August 2013.

Vranje – In early August, the Committee for Human Rights NGO, within which operates the only regional helpline for victims of domestic violence, organized a course of study of computer technology for ten women victims of domestic violence from seven municipalities of the Pcinj district, some of whom are still housed in the shelter for victims of domestic violence in Vranje. These women are waiting for the time when the Pcinj district would have its own safe house.  

The said computer training is organized by the above-mentioned helpline in Vranje and it's part of a  multi-year program for helping women exposed to domestic violence. After two months of active learning, all women will take a test and receive official certificates that are recognized abroad, too.  The top-priority need of the majority of women who are exposed to domestic violence is economic empowerment and jobs and monthly salaries, which would provide them with economic independence and enable them to get out of the cycle of violence.

The goal of this training in computers is that the ten women beneficiaries of the course organized by the helpline in Vranje learn the basic skills and gain the knowledge of computer technology, and then succeed in finding quality jobs.

The helpline on which volunteers of the Committee for Human Rights NGO are on duty on a daily baisis is the only existing helpline south of Nis that covers the area of ​​multi-ethnic municipalities of Bujanovac and Presevo. 

Source: “Danas” daily