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18. July 2012.

The Regional Chamber of Commerce in Leskovac (RCCL) successfully completed another project in the field of cross-border cooperation. The point at issue is a project whose ultimate goal is the common appearance of Serbian and Bulgarian businessmen on the European market, and during which, among other things, a 16 – day training in the field of management systems was organized for Serbian and Bulgarian businessmen.

"This is one of the more difficult projects that we implemented. The project is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of businessmen from the region not only on the Bulgarian market, but also on the European Union’s market. We plan to appear on the common markets with our partners from Bulgaria, because a better promotion of the goods from our region may be achieved through common business operations, "said Goran Jovic, President of the RCCL.

As part of cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Serbia, the project "Cross-border Activities to Raise the Standard of Managing Companies - Good Practice for Economic Development" is funded by the European Union with 200,000 euros from IPA funds.

The partner on the Serbian side is the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Leskovac, while the Custendil Chamber of Commerce and the "Horizon” company from Sofia are partners from the Bulgarian side. .

"The training in management systems was successfully completed by 75 businessmen and entrepreneurs from Jablanica and Pcinj districts, as well as by 45 of their peers from Bulgaria. The training was organized for the four management systems - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 22 000, whereas a 16-day training for businessmen from the clothing industry, the furniture industry, the industrial equipment industry, the food industry and the catering sector was organized”, said Branislav Popovic, Project Coordinator on the Serbian side.

This would later on be followed by support and free consulting services to strengthen the systems and their certification.

After the formal certificate – awarding event, a group of fourteen businessmen from Jablanica and Pcinj districts will visit Bulgaria. Beneficiaries of an identical seminar, which was organized in Bulgaria, will have the opportunity to visit Vranje, in order to solidify the ties established with their Serbian partners.