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30. October 2018.

Bujanovac – Through the UNHCR and UNDP projects in Serbia, 30 young Roma persons perfected their skills and acquired experience  through volunteering in institutions at the local level, so that their lives could be easier and better in the communities in which they live. They  improved their knowledge about human rights, discrimination, legally invisible people or those without citizenship, as well as the knowledge about the rights of vulnerable groups and the functioning of the mechanism for social inclusion of Roma persons at the local level. The aim is to get young Roma persons employed in local self-governments or other governmental or non-governmental organizations at the local level, in order to strengthen their social inclusion.

Branko Ruzic, Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, said that the improvement of the socio-economic position of Roma persons and the prevention of discrimination of that group, which is one of the most vulnerable ones, is the obligation of not only the republican bodies, but also of the local self-governmental units and all the citizens.

He pointed out that it was important to speak of the employment of the Roma, as well as to constantly promote the issue of their inclusion in society.

The local self-governments that participated in the project include Backa Palanka, Bela Palanka, Beocin, Belgrade, Bujanovac, Kostolac, Kragujevac, Lajkovac, Nis, Nova Crnja, Novi Becej, Novi Pazar, Novi Sad, Obrenovac, Odzaci, Pancevo, Prokuplje, Smederevo, Subotica, Valjevo, Vladicin han, Vranje, Vrnjacka Spa and Zajecar.

Source: “Tanjug” news agency and Coordination Body