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29. August 2012.

Source: Jugpress / Leskovac - Zorana Mihajlovic Minister of Energy, Development and Environment, recently officially commissioned a 250 - kilowatt solar power plant in Leskovac.

This is the first solar power plant in the Jablanica District and in South Serbia, and it will supply around one hundred households with energy.

Minister Mihajlovic said that the use of renewable energy potentials meant energy security for Serbia, lower costs and more realistic prices, as well as that the Ministry, in this respect, planned to shorten the procedures.

The solar power station, which is situated at the entrance of Leskovac, across the hydro-electric power plant "Nevena", was built by the "Domit" Company from Lebane.
Also, a contract on building a 650 kilowatt solar power plant in Bojnik was signed.

The total value of the recently opened solar power plant, as well as of the 650-kilowatt power plant, which is to be built in Bojnik, is two million euros.